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Healthcare Direct USA is a new medical equipment website that helps medical equipment sellers find buyers for their products. The new medical equipment platform features surgical equipment, hospital beds, stretchers, X ray equipment, ultrasound machines and more. The website features medical equipment for sale from USA based and International medical equipment companies.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - HaryanaBlog -- The medical equipment industry is a fast growing industry that features many new advancements in technology and also a large amount of used medical equipment coming out of service. This used medical equipment inventory coming from medical centers still has a lot of good use left and a new website is providing a platform for medical dealers to sell this equipment.

As hospitals keep getting new medical technology many items like ultrasounds, X ray machines and endoscopy equipment keep reaching new advancements and hospitals want this new technology for their staff. As this process unfolds many high quality pieces of medical equipment need to find new homes with other healthcare providers. The medical equipment buy sell website is designed to put perspective buyers in touch with this medical equipment.

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"We are finding many International customers in the United Kingdom and  Europe also have medical equipment for sale and this new medical equipment sales platform helps buyers from around the world find this inventory," said a company spokesperson.

For people looking to sell medical equipment the website includes a free 30 day trial period where people can post listings at no charge and "test drive" the new website and its features. For medical equipment buyers they can easily shop and navigate to find the types of equipment they are looking for. Top selling products include hospital beds, stretchers, gurneys, infant warmers, infant incubators, birthing beds, patient monitors, EKG's, exam tables, surgical tables, surgical lights and more.

For people looking to sell medical equipment visit the link below to sign up at

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For people looking to purchase or buy medical equipment use the link below

As the International medical community continues to grow so too does the need for used and refurbished medical equipment to new regions with developing healthcare needs. Healthcare Direct USA is geared up to help buyers and sellers in the United States and around the world with this growing demand.

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Source: iMedical Healthcare Solutions

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