New Product! Photo Buttons: Putting a Smile Behind the Mask during the Covid 19 crisis
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3 Styles to Choose From Photo Buttons: Smile Behind The Mask Cawley Company
We understand that we may be wearing masks for awhile. A smile is a way to greet those we meet to make each other feel welcome. We know the smile is under the mask, we just can't see it.

MANITOWOC, Wis. - HaryanaBlog -- Being leaders in the name badge industry for over 40 years, we have developed many new products to help address the needs of our customers.  Recently since the Covid 19 pandemic has started and we are all required to wear masks throughout most of our day, we don't see each others smiles.

We have had customers come to us to help solve this problem.  "How can we add a photo to our name badges so that our customers can see what our employees faces look like behind their masks?"  Some customers have decided to add photos to the their badges, but for those who didn't want to design a new name badge we came up with a solution; photo buttons.

Photo buttons are a great way to let your smiles be seen! These buttons will help convey that friendly and welcoming feeling that is lost when we are wearing a mask.   This could be the doctors and nurses working the front lines, the employees at the grocery stores stocking our shelves and checking us out, the servers at the restaurants that we go to, the teachers, and maybe even those new students you haven't met yet, daycare workers and deli workers, the hospitality workers welcoming us back to hotels and resorts, airline attendants and crew.  The list is endless.  Let us help bring back the smiles during these trying times! We have 3 styles to choose from:

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Smiley Face Button:  This stock button is a smiley face wearing the mask helps convey the message that you are smiling underneath.

Smile Behind the Mask Button:   Add your photos to the center of this button.

Photo Button:  This is just a photo of you smiling face.

These full color high quality buttons are available with either a pin or magnetic fastener.

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Molly Peterson
Marketing Director

Source: The Cawley Company

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