Five to Flow and Third Eye Consulting Partner to Support Borough Food Cooperative to Help Address Food Insecurity and Food Waste in London
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Five to Flow is a global consulting collective that builds integrative organizational wellness solutions designed to achieve and sustain peak business performance.

LONDON & LOS ANGELES - HaryanaBlog -- Five to Flow today announces a partnership with Third Eye Consulting to support Borough Food Cooperative in bridging the gap between food insecurity and food waste across London and addressing the 982,000 tons of food that is thrown away each year. Five to Flow, at the direction of Third Eye's leadership team, has donated five percent of billings from our most recent engagement to Borough Food Cooperative in honor of Earth Day 2022 and the positive impact their work has on the planet.

Five to Flow is a purpose-driven brand that is committed to elevating the existence of every individual and maintaining a balance between the economy and our ecosystems. Five percent of the company's annual revenue is donated, at the close of each customers' project, to non-profit organizations that focus on enabling infrastructures, providing life necessities, and offering education for children and young adults globally.

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"We are honored to partner with Five to Flow and Borough Food Cooperative to support their meaningful work in London. We hope that our contributions moving forward will help their organization address the food waste issues that are threatening landfills across the UK," said Kelley Walton, Director and Co-Founder of Third Eye Consulting.

Borough Food Cooperative's impact on their community is vital given the latest statistics within the region on food waste and food insecurity. Sending less of London's food waste to landfills is becoming an urgent priority for practical reasons. The Greater London area contains very little landfill capacity, and sites outside its boundaries accepting its municipal waste are expected to be full by 2025. Furthermore, there is a political consensus in Europe that reducing the amount of landfilled bio-waste is a key policy priority. This is backed up by a raft of legislation, incentives, and penalties. The European Union Waste Framework Directive (WFD) stipulates that the separate collection of paper, metal, plastic, and glass will become mandatory from 2015.

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"At Five to Flow, our leadership team is motivated by seeing others succeed and is honored to offer support for those who can benefit from Borough Food Cooperative's grassroots efforts. Given Earth Day's focus on the Great Global Clean Up, we are thrilled that Third Eye Consulting chose such a relevant cause to support given their focus on eliminating food waste and reducing the amount of landfilled bio-waste in the UK," said Kate Visconti, Founder and CEO of Five to Flow.


Five to Flow is a global consulting collective that builds integrative organizational wellness solutions designed to achieve and sustain peak performance. Our proprietary methodology consists of five core elements that are the bridge between who an organization thinks they are, who they actually are, and who they aspire to be.

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