China Based Actor/Director Louis Deng Stars in AI Sci-Fi Feature 'Cursor'
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Film Locations Include China, Washington, California and Arizona Starting in Los Angeles Fall 2024

LOS ANGELES - HaryanaBlog -- China based Louis (Zifei) Deng to star in Cursor directed by Keith Chen (When He Comes Back/Mosaic). Cursor centers on senior AI research scientist, Zheng Chenyang, who discovers an unknown realm, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Blending American sci-fi storytelling with ancient Chinese wisdom, the film will be shot in locations spanning China and the United States including Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, Washington, California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona with filming to begin in Los Angeles Fall 2024.

Deng's long list of starring roles in 40 films, television and plays include, movies A Dog's College Life, rom-com Insomnia Lover and The Sword Of Love and wrote, directed and starred in the TV drama's including Once Upon A Time In Sichuan and Forty Year Old. Directing and writing credits include two feature films and 15 short films including Master and Superstring Party. Recent box office successes include action-adventure film Skull Island with Deng portraying comic male lead, Sha Hu. Upcoming 2024 films include Treasure of the Abyss and Forty Years of Confusion to be released in China.

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A versatile director and filmmaker, Deng graduated from the Performance Department of the Beijing Film Academy, won the New Talent Actor Award at the 2010 Chinese Youth Image Forum and Newcomer Male Actor Award at the 2010 Chinese Youth Image Forum for his role as Ke Sai in the movie A Dog's College Life. Best New Director Award at the 2021 North America International Film Festival for his directorial work The D Files and Emerging Director Award at the 2021 North American International Film Festival.

Deng studied ancient Eastern culture and is passionate about his worldview…"Everything is a story, the past, present and future of humanity. One is all, all is one and all things and phenomena originates from the same source. Both Eastern and Western civilizations are telling the same story, just expressing it in different ways. Western civilization calls it "God," while Eastern civilization calls it "Dao." As the saying goes, there are saints in the East and saints in the West, their hearts are the same and their principles are the same. I look forward to developing movies that are avant-garde, fashionable and filled with eternal mysteries."

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Sci-Fi Feature: Cursor In Development

Blending Deng's passion and knowledge of Chinese Taoist culture and Taoist inner alchemy with the Hopi Tribe of Arizona, Cursor employs the Pseudo-Documentary format, shooting in chronological order. In January 2024, Deng and director Chen visited the Hopi reservation in Second Mesa, Arizona interviewing elders of the Hopi tribe sharing cultural similarities between ancient Chinese and Hopi culture.

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